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wavio mtss

Finally, there’s a simple tool for your multi-tiered system of supports.



Wavio MTSS featured in NSCLC 2023

Watch Wavio MTSS platform presented by Principal Amika Guillaume from SUHSD at National School Counseling Leadership Conference 2023

Identify students who need additional support, provide targeted interventions, and help all students succeed.  Use filters to drill down into the insights you need. 

Get reports on academics, attendance, behavior, and more. 

Screenshot of Wavio MTSS Academic Report

Use Wavio MTSS to identify trends and patterns in your school
filter data by : 
School year  ** Quarter ** GPA or credits ** Language designation ** IEP/504  Counselor ** Student demographics: gender, race, and ethnicity

Download your custom report as a spreadsheet, to use however you need.

Screenshot of student GPA tiers

The Academic Report provides a table overview of individual students. This includes any of the reporting options your school has chosen.

MTSS teams can use MTSS tables view to see if a student has moved up or down in “Tier” designation. 
Our system will automatically flag an “Alarm” if there’s been a drop in performance. This Alarm is used to call attention to exactly the students who need it most.
Flags like “Steady” and “Improvement” also quickly show when student growth is stable or trending positively

Use Attendance Report to zoom in on school-wide attendance data.

See stats like Whole School Absenteeism, Absenteeism by Grade, Attendance by Quarter, and Truancy (based on any number of factors, such as gender or IEP status).

Like the Academic Report tab, you can quickly generate a report and download a spreadsheet of the data you see on the page.

Screenshot of the Wavio MTSS Attendance Report dashboard

One of the most helpful features of Wavio MTSS is the Behavior Report.

Identify trends and behavioral patterns to address the needs of your overall student body — and ultimately ensure each child receives care and support.

Now your team can gain a stronger grasp of systemic problems as well as students’ individual needs.

Screenshot of Wavio MTSS Behavior Report

In the Student Report tab, you can view a summary of all of the student MTSS data.

Including alerts to warn your team when a student is not on track for graduation and alerts on students' 
emotional health based on quarterly surveys.

Screenshot of Wavio MTSS Student Report for an individual student

Ultimately, Wavio MTSS is customized for your school's needs.


You can work with the Wavio team to display reports or keywords specific to your school, in order to help teachers and administrators easily keep track of the information you need to support your students.


let us help you with mtss.

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