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student data at your fingertips

See your students' activity from all digital learning platforms, in one place, in real time.


your personalized student dashboard

The Wavio data dashboard lets you see how every student is performing — in real time, on all their digital learning tools. 


Monitor assignments, exit tickets, skill mastery, and assessments all in one place. We make tracking student progress easy so you can give your students the personal attention they need. 


Want to assign personal goals and monitor completion, without giving up the different apps you love? With Wavio*, you can do it all.

*formerly known as tailorEd. Watch our video overview or case study!

secure monitoring and notification

Get notifications on student performance. Create a safety net to prevent students from falling behind. 

We send weekly emails to let you know which students are behind or need more attention.

Plus, protect your students’ privacy by dropping the spreadsheets. Safeguard sensitive information using an automated data collection system with secured access.

Graph showing number of units completed in Zearn, Lexia, Math, and Music

custom mastery criteria

You define criteria for mastery, we track it for you.

And if you're looking to switch to mastery-based learning, we're here to help. 


The Wavio platform integrates student performance, progress on apps, and scores on assessment tools to create mastery records in line with your school standards.

Screenshot of the Wavio dashboard with data related to math classes

insights for every audience

Principals                            Parents                              Leadership

Teachers                             Students                             Specialists


“Our school uses a mastery-based and standards-based learning curriculum. Our teachers were going to multiple websites to review student data to make lesson plans. It was kind of messy. After interviewing various data integrators, we met Dana and the folks at Wavio. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend their services. Their products are intuitive, and the customer service is higher than almost any vendor I've worked with. We have been very happy with them.”

A.J. Stich



let's work together.

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