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clients & testimonials

Read what a few of our schools have to say about us.

Alexa Young, CA

the greater dayton school

Dashboard for mastery-based learning

The Greater Dayton School combines mastery-based and blended learning. To support their model we created a unique platform that combines inputs from LMS and e-learning tools to track student performance, progress, and mastery at formative and summative levels.  

“Our school uses a mastery-based and standards-based learning curriculum. Our teachers were going to multiple websites to review student data to make lesson plans. It was kind of messy. After interviewing various data integrators, we met Dana and the folks at Wavio.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend their services. Their products are intuitive, and the customer service is higher than almost any vendor I've worked with. We have been very happy with them.”

–A.J. Stich, Founding Principal

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